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In the beginning this will be  about me learning how to do this blog as much as learning about Creative Arts Today.

Exercise 4 in Introduction: The image is called Space, Time, Motion, Green. It is by Izabella Godlewska de Aranda. I find it  intriguing, draws the viewer into it.

Exercise 1

Response to Duchamp’s Fountain :

  •  Shape is quite pleasing given the function
  • Context
  • What was Duchamp trying to say ?
  • Porcelain material
  • Did it come from an existing men’s toilet or was it new?

Exercise 2

What is art? How do we know it is art? Who decides what is art ?

These questions interest and confuse me . Is art all about form and content? Perhaps art is an expression that embodies meaning. How do we know it is art? As most of what we know is informed by our culture , class and western education , we are probably  told what is art. This may well have been Duchamp’s point with the Fountain . Challenging the perception of the day. And again for the question of who decides what is art , perhaps we are led by educators , curators end the financial value of a piece  as Grayson Perry reminds us in the Reith lectures.
If I see a particularly interesting outcrop of rock could I name that as art? If I create an impression of the rocks with paint or a photograph which captures the form , colour, light and something of the quality , would that be art, and is there a difference ?
To display a found object and say this is art because it’s in an art gallery sounds unlikely . I think technical skill is an important quality in an artwork but perhaps more importantly the person viewing the piece would ideally have an emotional response of some sort . I am not sure about art being unique . I feel like that might be another boundary and a belief rather than a necessity . I think perhaps Duchamp saying that he wanted to “put art back in the service of the mind” meant that he was exploring ideas as well as form.

Exercise 4

Damien Hirst :  The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living .

My first reaction to this piece is how frightening a shark is in life and no less so in death. I am curious, interested in how it may have been created , and  recognise that I would not like to see this every day . I think it may be about our fear of death. The title feels a little unwieldy .




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