Research Point

Interesting info from Tate . Text has been used  in artwork as

a narrative, statement, sculpture, in literary and poetic forms, as recorded speech and as the artwork itself.

This can be called visual language or vocabulary.

A Hundred Mile Walk 1971-2 Richard Long

A Hundred Mile Walk 1971-2 Richard Long

In 2015 I visited an exhibition by Richard Long at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol. I did not realise that the text was part of the exhibition and saw it more as supporting information. In retrospect, I can see that he had intended it to be part of the body of work. because the exhibition had different elements such as maps, books and photographs, it is interesting for me to note that which seemed obviously part of the exhibit and those which I imagined were not. It seems that much of his work was influenced by solitary walks though different landscapes in different countries.

I researched Hamish Fulton who is also a “walking artist” and found an image which is completely text.

Possible artists to research later : Lawrence Weiner, Joseph Kosuth.


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