Assignment one Part A

Reflective Learning

My initial response to the question what is art, was to ask more questions , for example if handcrafted exclusive jewellery is art . If a hand painted tea set is art . I still don’t know the answer to these questions but I have a much broader sense now of art forms which I had not really considered much in the past . I had , I suspect , fallen into the conditioning of considering painting and classical sculpture to be art of the highest order and that contemporary art such as sound installation didn’t rate very highly . I now feel quite differently and have a much stronger sense of the value of art in society as a whole and the role of the artist as communicator . This is an important change to a more conscious approach to art and to understanding my own responses and how they can be better informed. ( 155 words)

I would like to improve my study skills, in particular academic reading . I find that no matter how interesting the material might be I am slow in reading it and don’t seem to remember it . I intend to find a method of note-taking that will help, perhaps mind-mapping or similar. In looking more closely at bronze sculpture I would like to learn more about the material and how it works . One of the aspects of pot one pot one pot of this work has been to arouse curiosity in me regarding materials and why specific choices are made . (102 words)

My learning log has been slow to get off the ground . Setting it up was very challenging and time-consuming . Now that I’m more familiar  with it I will focus more on content . Having discussed this with my tutor I feel more confident about what should be included, perhaps more reflection in a type of weekly diary.  It would be good to consider myself both as apprentice artist and writer , and perhaps in time this will be true .  I have felt inspired by some of the examples given . I have  come to appreciate that there are small things that I create which could be considered art forms although in the past I would not have recognised this.  It would be useful for me to use the log to hone writing skills but up to now I have not felt that I had the time to do this. (152 words)


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