Feedback Assignment One

The feedback gave me food for thought . To consider the artist’s bias was an important aspect that I feel I had missed perhaps because my own bias was aligned with his . It seemed clear to me that the miners were extremely badly treated, however, I have not looked at this objectively and explored the other side of the argument.

Using a medium such as film that is familiar to most people, with connotations of news clips and therefore accuracy, is indeed a way of focusing attention of the audience . How truthful is this ? What is the role of the artist – is it to be truthful ? Is it to present a piece which is thought-provoking and free of societal expectations? In the Battle of Orgreave is there a moral obligation to re-enact with accuracy ? Has Jeremy Deller suggested this is an accurate portrayal ? There does seem to be a sense of accuracy around it especially with the additional material of historical books, notes and memoirs.

In reflecting on the motivation for people to become part of the re-enactment in this event , I wonder about the different people involved. Where some people there to create accurate social history and therefore did they feel this had been achieved? Would those who had witnessed or been part of the original event feel that they had been well represented ?

I’m beginning to understand the value and importance of the choice of medium as a communication tool and will reflect more on this . Is the medium selected because of the artist’s preference and style or does the topic dictate the medium . I recently viewed a clip of the work of installation and conceptual artist, Martin Creed, where he seemed to be deeply influenced by the space and the medium evolves through that.


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