E-poetry definitions

From I Love E-Poetry website written by Leonardo Glores
In addition to fine-tuning the definition to account for different conceptions of poetry, textuality, and media, the entry offers a history of e-poetry and discusses the following genres:
•Generative poetry is produced by programming algorithms and drawing from corpora to create poetic lines. This is the oldest e-poetic genre and remains relevant today through e-literary genres like the bot.
•Code poetry is written for a dual audience: computer and human readers.
•Visual digital poetry arises from Visual, Concrete, and Lettrist poetic traditions and is extended by
•Kinetic poetry, which uses the computer’s ability to display animation and changing information over time.
•Multimedia poetry incorporates audio, video, images, text, and other modes of communication in its strategies.
•Interactive poetry incorporates input from the reader in the e-poem’s expressive strategies.
•Hypertext poetry uses nodes and links to structure the poem into spaces for the reader to explore.


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