Visual communications : Exercise 1 Mixed messages


I am not able to copy and paste from the pdf, so I cannot show the fonts used. However I will comment as part of the exercise.

Enjoy your stay

This is created in a calligraphy style which feels formal, a little old-fashioned and perhaps suited to a country hotel. The font does not create a true sense of the message.

This is all in  uppercase in a typeface that feels serious  and suggests a sign that is not to be ignored. The upper case feels like a command. However, it might be more effective if the font was in a heavier or bolder style. It is not possible to know the point size and I would hope it is large.
We are professionals
A typeface that looks like it has been created on a  vintage typewriter , I’m not sure about professional as it looks a little dated.
Curved and expansive typeface , the word in uppercase  feels warm and indeed looks luxurious.



hand made
With this simple expansive font all in lowercase there is a sense of something handcrafted. However, it could communicate something more strongly about a hand made item if the typeface was more like handwriting.



4f3134ec1f2a0255a850a5b44a9c2981b81ee3e7_mThis advert is for a product that thickens hair. The use of the typography as hair is effective and eye-catching. The font looks like it has been created with a calligraphy pen, with thicker strokes adding to the idea of fuller hair. The playful swirls and profile of the face send a message that this product would be easy to use and make your hair look pretty!

I have collected some examples of the same piece of text presented in different fonts. The first one below has two typefaces. I find this a little confusing as it breaks the sense of the phrase. The cursive script at an angle combined with the bolder and more conventional typeface does not work for me.



The white uppercase and compacted text feels a bit constrained and perhaps the message is that the strain felt by the reader will soon pass. In white against the yellow, it feels hopeful although the flowers make me think of a funeral.

this too flowersI have selected another image in colour and with flowers as a comparison. The informality and bright colours feel like a sort of “cheer up” message without any of the seriousness of the uppercase formal lettering of the example with the yellow flowers above. I am not really convinced by the statement presented in such a light-hearted way, however, I think the use of a larger point size for the word “shall” is encouraging and makes me feel more confident.ThisTooShallPass2



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