Exercise 2 Re-contextualising images

recontextualised imageThis image called Land of the Free was created by cutting out images and gluing them onto a piece of paper. The Statue of Liberty was black and white but the wall and Trump face were in colour.  I created the sign on the wall by typing on a plain piece of paper and gluing it to the wall and then drawing on and around it to make it look more realistic.

After researching collage artists,  (see Reflections) I decided to photocopy the collage in black and white which I feel works well to bring the images together. I am pleased with the overall message and the images, but surprised at how long it took to create after coming up with the idea. Perhaps if I had looked at images first and worked them into an idea it would have been different.

I have been increasingly aware of the use of technology in visual communications so explored ways of creating collage on my computer. I found a free site that allowed me to do something very simple. The result is more interesting to me mainly because of the possibility of changing the image’s opacity. I am calling this The Unlucky Traveller. As a beginner with a  first experience with paper and scissors, and then a computer generated collage, I feel very drawn to creating more on the computer.BeFunky Collage


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