Visual communications : Exercise 3 Film posters


I chose the film poster for Brooklyn because I have read the book and seen the film. It is set in the 1950’s and is a story of a young Irish girl leaving her hometown to go to America in search of a better life. Sponsored by a priest who was from her home town, the main character Ellis is promised a job and somewhere to live. Although this all manifests, Ellis struggles with homesickness and loneliness. As the film unfolds we see that she has to choose between her life in Brooklyn and her home back in Ireland.

The main image on the poster is the character of Ellis set in sharp focus and centrally. Behind her the Brooklyn skyline is slightly out of focus and she is looking away from it, perhaps towards her Irish home. She wears a serious and slightly sad expression of thoughtfulness. Her face is framed by the sky suggesting innocence . Ellis has a hairstyle and clothing in keeping with the era and the simplicity of the poster reflects that time too. She is holding onto the rails of a boat which extend behind her. There is a sense of her separateness from Brooklyn, and almost a hint of her being in a no-man’s-land.

The actor is not particularly well known but as a youthful , pretty woman, the poster would draw attention from both men and women. Ellis wears a tightly fitted navy blue top with a scooped neck and the quality of skin tone is attractive. The use of so much blue in the sky, water and her clothing, accentuates her blue eyes , whilst also suggesting a strong emotional quality to the film.

The typography, all in white, is plain and apart from the title of the film, it is all rather small, again drawing the eye to the image of Ellis rather than the text on the poster. The cast and director’s names are across the top, leaving the image of Ellis almost undisturbed apart from two pieces of information bracketed by laurel leaves. The film was selected by New York and Toronto for their 2015 film festivals. Again, this is rather small as if the designer does not want anything to detract from the main image.
There are two well known actors in the film , Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters, and yet their names are not emphasised or used in ways that would sell the film.


I feel that the poster is a good reflection of the film and its romantic genre. It is a mix of gentle and soft as expressed by the background and the blues and whites, alongside the sharper image of sadness and yearning.


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