Part 4 Photography : exercise 2


I like the lines in this photo, particularly the way the roof of the building and the men’s heads line up. The three similar hats with the fourth man hatless is pleasing. The cricket players in the background, in their own separate group, seem quite animated whilst the people watching are simply sitting. The combination of this brings more interest and narrative. Although the image is slightly out of focus, for me it is “artistic”.

Glass Ceiling

Again the lines of this interest me. It is quite a simple image but the light and shapes are attractive. I almost expect the green to be a different colour as the light is very strong through the central plain glass. Perhaps images that surprise me also feel more “artistic”.



The colours and shapes are pleasing in this image and the framing of the photograph. The twisting branches in the foreground add a layer of interest which builds with the colours on the tree and on the ground.westonbirt-2  The image has depth and movement and good composition.


The peacefulness of this scene is appealing. It evokes a sense of space and an atmosphere of a summer’s day. The reflections in the water, the stillness and the absence of any people or wild life give it a dreamlike quality.imgp0208 Almost an invitation to drift away on the boat.



It is curious that some photographs seem to have qualities that might be overlooked in the quest for the best focussed or some other attribute. In looking through photos for this exercise, images that hold a story seem to be the most interesting to me.  Yet those whose story is simply the wonder of the architecture such as the Glass Ceiling also attract attention. Is it something that speaks to a past memory or experience? Sometimes. Other times the unexpected, surprising image is more attractive, and particularly if it encourages me to see the world differently.

Where a photograph has been taken intentionally and with care, there does appear to be a more “artistic” element. However, I become ever more aware of the subjectivity and personal experience when looking at photographs.

I took some photographs of my local environs. How would I describe to another, through images,  the place where I live. Initially I wanted to show what I imagined to be the important things. The town centre, the Cotswold stone buildings, the landscape of five valleys. The pictures were rather wooden, formal, more like examples of a typical Cotswold town and less like this specific town.

As I loosened up with the ideas I found images that reflected more of the charm that I have found here, a more emotional quality. There was less of me trying to show what I thought another person would want to see, and more of me showing what was special for me. It became more of a personal exercise.

The photos below were ones that received comments relating to their artistic merit, such as good light, sense of houses nestled in woods, historical,  rural and pastoral.


Taken from high up to give a more interesting view and sense of levels of trees, houses and hilltops


Early morning mist over the trees. There is an ordinary suburban house in the top left corner with cows lying down on the common grazing ground.


The old buildings in this old market town






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