Photography Exercise 2 : research point

The daily flood of photographs

Although I have a Facebook page, I don’t use it very much and seldom post images. Am I contributing to the flood of images that sweep through cyber space each day? I think not. These images feel quite transient so although I can feel the flood – like potential, they do seem to move along quite swiftly. Are they collecting in some very large pool somewhere into which an unsuspecting person might drown? Again I think not.

As a rather limited user of social media, I researched the figures to find out more. According to Instagram more that 95 million photos or images are uploaded daily with more than 300 million people using Instagram every single day.  This is just Instagram. Alongside this there are the photos posted on Facebook which boasts more than a billion people posting daily  , millions posting each month on Flikr and yes, there are other sites too.


Does anyone really look at these millions of photographs?  What are they for? I am curious about the motivation for posting and the responses people receive. It seems to me that this form of communication may be a way of avoiding the face to face kind, eye to eye, where there is a dialogue that might hopefully be meaningful.
Perhaps I am just old-fashioned, or just old, but for me social media has a place in a range of ways of connecting and should not become the major way. Photographs are a fantastic way of sharing experiences but is anyone really interested?


Facebook statistics

Company Info

Flikr statistics

How many public photos are uploaded to Flickr every day, month, year?

Instagram statistics


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