The right to copy?

Copyright or copy wrong

Having recently completed a section of work looking at appropriated images, or re-appropriated images, this article gives food for thought. Just because an image can be found on the internet does not make it available to download or copy in any way. I had thought that Creative Commons meant one could do just that but it appears that even CC has its own rules and laws.


CCO Public Domain

CCO Public Domain

This seems to be an increasing issue given the use of technology. And how do we find our way through it without creating so many laws that we become caught up in the sticky red tape that so may artists seek to escape through their art.


These is a sense of ownership which I am not altogether clear on. Apparently you can own an idea. You can own a series of words arranged in a specific order and you can own other variations of marks presented in a way that you design. I understand it from a financial point of you and perhaps even from a philosophical point of view but for me it seems to fall into the category of “Cloudy opportunities for misunderstanding”.


These thoughts emanated from my reflection on  this article in ArtsJournal, an online newsletter.


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