Creating Zentangles has been a challenging and creative combination of structure and spontaneity. The certainty of the rules , the size of the square, the practice of the designs , and then breaking up the square to create space for something unknown to emerge as a finished piece. For someone who enjoys doodling it is the next large step .

Viewing this process in relation to photography , I see how photographs can be taken spontaneously and sometimes something wonderful does emerge. It is more likely that the photograph has to be carefully managed , the lighting thought through , the motivation for the photograph would also determine the framing of the shot and the mood.

Of course , photography does not replace other art forms , and in some ways can even contribute to them . Photography can and does capture a moment with such immediacy and accuracy unlike a quick sketch or detailed painting . What I wonder about is the hidden potential in other art forms . Enjoyment of an unexpected result in , for example, the Zentangle, is the creative pleasure that is important to me.




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