Time and space…and money.

How do we relate to time and space in our work lives? I do think of time in terms of money because I have been self-employed for many years and my time is bought in chunks for the different things I do. Since I work from home, I have been less aware of paying for space as others might do –  renting work space. It seems that there is something of a café culture in some parts of Britain of preparing for meetings in  cafés and having meetings in cafes and doing the post-meeting work in cafes.

This shop offers space for customers to use the wifi, eat and drink as much as they want, and  only pay for the time spent. Charged at 6p a minute, the customer decides how long they will stay.

This is a wonderfully creative idea and although it seems unlikely at first glance that it could be profitable, it is part of a chain that already works,


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