Landscape Artists

Landscape Artist of the Year ( 2016)

Watching this television programme on Sky Arts I have been inspired not only by the quality of work but more so by the variety of media. I am enjoying the creativity of the artists using only pen and ink and staining with coffee, or using collage with fabric and paint. Some of the linocut printing is so complex and effective. It is a medium I’ve never considered but having seen the beautiful results I have a greater appreciation for this art form.

Observing how the artist’s select the area to work with and how they frame it is helpful to me. The landscape seems so vast and confusing and using an actual frame to compose their picture, or simply identifying a slice, seems important.

I am more aware now of the point of view and perspective. In this programme the artists are asked to paint a property owned by the National Trust. These are usually beautiful houses or castles and are seen from a distance across a body of water or lawns. It occurred to me that it might be more interesting to have a higher view or even closer and looking up at the building.

Two most inspiring aspects I have discovered :

  • Landscape in art can actually refer to anything in the natural world – from  a few leaves or a pile of pebbles to a mountain range.
  •  Some  artists move parts of the landscape, such as trees, in order to create balance or interest.



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