Abstract borders

This past summer I enjoyed a local exhibition called Borders. The image is of a painting made with acrylic and pigment. It is entitled Borders, Big Yellow, by Robert Davison.

The exhibition coincided with the opening of a walled garden at the same venue. I especially liked this painting because I recognised the white rectangles as the bricks in the painted white walls of the garden  and I could see  footprints. It is so satisfying to have a sudden realization of what the artist may have been saying through a painting. I can see the flowers that are part of a garden border, as well as the other inferences. A border can be between countries as well as between homes. It can be walked along as well as across.

Border, Big yello, Davison R. 2014

Borders, Big Yellow, Davison R. 2014

There appear to be tractor tracks which could indicate the making of the border. There is a chaotic feel to the painting, lines at different angles contribute to this and yet  the green and yellow as strong pigments suggest new growth beyond the disruption.


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